Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Teachnology: Food tech


Today I went to Tamaki college and we made this delicious warm salad and sausage meal. It was really delicious that I enjoyed it so much. This was a really easy dish because I have made food like this at home as well. In class I enjoyed making it because I did learn new things like cooking, chopping and so on. Thank you Mrs Heka for teaching us how to make this delicious meal.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Solving maths problems

Today I completed these maths problems given to me by my teacher. These problems were challenging but I did manage to solve it. Some of these questions were hard a bit but I did manage to complete it all.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Technology: Making milkshakes

Today I went to Tamaki college for Technology. In class we made these delicious Oreo milkshakes which tasted so nice. The process of making the milkshake wasn't really easy though because we did make a lot of mess, but it ended up being a great dish. In the end I really liked making it because now I have learnt something new.

Solving problems in Statistics, Geometry and Measurement

Today I completed this activity given to me by my teach. I do have to say that it was easy to figure out because I applied my skills that I have learnt before into this and magically got them all correct.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Maintenace: Maths

Tuakana Maintenance 02/08/2017


Today I finished this activity which was not really hard. I just had to use the skills that I have learnt before now, which was decimals because this game was all about money. The main point of the game was me giving their change back. When they buy something I have to figure out how much money I have to give back.  I really did like this game because it was helping me improve in my learning skills.  

Friday, 4 August 2017

Vocabulary list

Tuakana Vocabulary list 03/08/2017

Vocabulary list and it’s definitions

1. Invention
Invention came from the word invent, this means producing something new like a device or a process.

Matt invented this whole new treehouse for his daughter Sally. He used different types of parts from her old bike, toy cars and even used tree’s to make wood for it.

2. Organic
Organic means freshly grown. This has something to do with growing fruits and vegetables but doesn’t use any chemicals to make  it grow faster.

Kylie sold organi potatoes at the market and everybody bought it all.

3. Convenient
When you are fitting in very well with activities, needs, plans and so much more

My (Boss) Jake Sutton said that I am very convenient, that brought a smile on my face

4. Patent
It has something to do with Authority and licenses. For example if you do not have a license then you cannot write or if you don’t have the authority to go in then you cannot go in.
My (Mom) was patent because she did not have her license, it was expired.

5. Alternative
You are available and have choices like abilities.

Joseph is really alternative.

6. Implements
A tool or a piece that is used for a good purpose.

A builder says implements instead of tools.

7. Pesticide
A substance for destroying insects or other animals harmful to nature.

I found a pesticide trying to destroy my plants so I called the Vet.

8. Grizzle
A mixture of dark or white hair

My (Dad) has grizzle hair.

9. Manufacture
When you make or invent something very big.

I manufacture a big tank

10. Eco-friendly
This means unharmful to plants or natural things.

People should be eco-friendly

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Skills in Football

Tuakana Explanation writing 02/08/2017

Football / Skills you should have to play the game

In a game of football there must be determination and consideration when wanting to win the game. This would mean learning a whole new set of skills and ways of trying to win. It isn’t that easy to learn new skills but here are a few.

Firstly here’s the first rule you should know, never be shy to go after the ball. If you are too scared to grab the ball then your opponent could take advantage over you. This could mean you losing a point and the other team earning one. The only way of you trying to stop the ball is to not be scared, suck in all your fear and go for it. That way everybody knows your wide and open to attack.

Secondly you must always know how to defend yourself. So let’s say you had the ball and your opponent was running straight at you, what would you do. Well if that was me I would have putted my body in between the other player and the ball. This is the only way you can defend the ball, if you didn’t do that then it’s a good steal from the other players. That is why you make sure to put your body in between your opponent and the player.

Thirdly you must also know how to control the ball. If you are just kicking it anywhere then you would easily lose. So when wanting to pass you could either use the inside and the outside of your feet. That way you are able to pass to your team mates. Also when you are wanting to stop the ball, just stomp your feet down on it, not so hard then it will stop. Giving you an opportunity to look around for the other players.

In the end if you use these skills it could actually help you one day, if you were playing a real game. Just follow these step and you could be the new Lionel Messi.