Monday, 20 November 2017

Storyboard that: Violence and video games

Today in class I did a storyboard which was about violence and video games. Basically there has been some problems of too many children playing video games that is not suitable for them. So I made this to others as a sign of what could happen. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Prototec 17/11/2017

Tuakana Prototec 17/11/2017

Today I completed a task my teacher gave to me today. In this game I had to answer all the questions within a given time. It was all mixed with multiplication, division, fractions and other math sequences. Lucky for me I was able to get 39 questions right out of 40 and got a score of 97% out of 100%. I am happy with my score because this test was challenging but it did really help me out a lot.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

What are fractions

Today in class I was given a task to do and that was to make a presentation about any topic in maths like fractions, subtraction and so many more. Out of all those I chose to do fractions because not much people around the world know what fractions are so I decided to share my learning with the people around me by doing this.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Being cyber smart

Cyber smart
Being cyber smart is sometimes a hard thing to do but it is also a safe thing because it keeps you out of contact with any kidnappers. If you are cyber smart then you would never share out any personal things about you or to make sure you post the correct thing. If you are cyber smart then nothing bad could ever happen to you online and in reality. Here is a story board of cybersmart

Friday, 10 November 2017

Read theory: Classical and Jazz

Tuakana Read theory 06/11/2017

In my class I managed to finish this activity given to me by my teacher. I could say that it wasn’t easy because of all the questions they are asking. Sometimes it would be easy ones but most of the times it’s hard. Because there were a lot of unknown words in it I wasn't able to figure out what the question was telling me. In the end I did learn a lot from this activity and hopefully you will too.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Read theory: Floating Bridges

Tuakana Read theory 06/11/2017

Today I completed this activity given by  my teacher. The idea of this activity is to be able to relate to what the author is trying to say in the text and when you are given the questions. It is hard to answer most of them although when I read the text over and over again I am able to get a clear imagine of what my answer would be. In the end this game could help a lot of other people and maybe one day you.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Chemical and Physical changes

Tuakana Chemical and physical changes 06/11/2017

What are physical changes ?
This is changes when you are able to reverse what has been done.

As you can see there is water inside a cup and ice on the other side. This is basically a physical change because when you freeze water it turns into ice and when you unfreeze ice it turns back into water, that is how you know that it is a physical change.

Facts about physical changes ?
  • It is reversible
  • The changes are only physical
  • This does not need light or fire in this

What are chemical changes ?
Chemical changes is when it is not reversible

As you can see there is a paper getting burnt. Apparently when a paper is burnt it turns into ash and that is it, because it cannot go back into paper then you know it is a chemical change.

Facts about chemical changes ?
  • It isn’t reversible
  • This produces light, smoke, gas and so on
  • There are usually one or more new substances formed or created from that change
  • Chemical changes happen everyday
  • There are different kinds of chemical changes